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Service: Regulatory Risk Advisory Report (Monitoring)

Sweeping and sudden changes at state utility commissions can drastically change retail choice markets virtually overnight while unanticipated costs at the RTO level can turn profitable customers upside down. State Agencies and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission initiatives to implement green & energy efficiency policy creates opportunity. How are you managing your regulatory risk?

Retail Energy Suppliers are faced with the impossible task of staying abreast of policy developments and changes to regulatory requirements across multiple agencies, often over multiple jurisdictions. Working in tandem with our clients, Feller Law Group has developed a streamlined, yet comprehensive Regulatory Risk Advisory and Compliance report, keeping our clients updated on changes to regulatory law, opportunities, compliance deadlines, and industry news & events, so you can stay current and up to date on what matters most to your business. Feller’s team prepares and sends monthly Regulatory Risk and Advising Reports to notify you of compliance deadlines and changes in regulation and summarizes news and areas of concern. The monthly report covers State, Federal, RTO/ISO, and general industry matters, as well as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Regional Transmission Operators (i.e. ISO-NE, MISO, NYISO, PJM), and other industry events.

The monthly report includes optional supplemental memos breaking down complex issues to provide our clients with detailed analysis.  Separate state updates are tailored to focus on relevant state issues and regional, federal and industry actions impacting the state or states where our clients do business.

Emerging Issues:

  • New York PSC Resetting Order (February 23, 2016 Order)
  • New York Reforming the Energy Vision (“REV”)
  • Demand Response
  • Community Choice Aggregation
  • Capacity Pricing
  • Network Integrated Transmission Service (“NITS”) Costs