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A full service law firm
for the cannabis industry

States across the country are legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, creating new markets and opportunities. Unparalleled business opportunities exist to participate in this burgeoning market still in its infancy. At this early stage, the legal and regulatory requirements for cannabis-related businesses, including growers, processors, dispensary owners, and medical profession can be overwhelming, and the legal and regulatory requirements will likely continue to undergo changes in the coming months.

As the cannabis industry expands, so will the list of legal and regulatory requirements imposed on business owners. Creating and maintaining a culture of compliance will be essential to any business' viability. For example, in many states, market participants are subject to unannounced audits of all records and are required to submit quarterly and annual compliance filings, and when notified by regulators.

Our attorneys possess years of experience and expertise in regulated commodities, and understand the needs and challenges of small and growing businesses. With previous experience working for federal agencies, state government, and private industry, we offer a comprehensive view of the cannabis industry from seed to sale.

We provide investors and businesses in the legal cannabis industry full-service legal counsel, from company formation to ongoing compliance and operations. Confidently grow your business in this highly regulated industry knowing that you have a knowledgeable and trusted fiduciary by your side to strategically guide your business on regulatory obligations, keep you up to date on changes to industry rules and aware of newly created business opportunities.

Regulatory and Compliance Services

Our regulatory attorneys and compliance specialists will advise on strategies to prevail in competitive application processes, best practices to keep your business in good standing, and how to safeguard your business against government penalties and sanctions. Our main objective is to free up your time and energy to focus on building a strong and robust cannabis business. From application to award selection, our attorneys will carefully monitor legal developments and trends to avoid regulatory roadblocks. Once your Company is licensed it will be required to submit detailed regulatory filings on quarterly and annual bases; your business will further be subject to a full range of advertising, health, consumer protection – in addition to general business laws. Feller Law Group, PLLC can draft applications, review marketing materials for compliance, monitor developments in the industry, and ensure requisite reports and other compliance obligations are complete and timely submitted.

Corporate Law and Business Transactions

Our corporate law practitioners will advise you on internal governance, create and review the documents you need for everyday business, as well as prepare documents for and oversee large-scale transactions. Our attorneys will carefully review customer communications, marketing materials and vendor agreements and advise on best practices to avoid regulatory pitfalls and ensure continued compliance.

Government Relations

Our attorneys can advocate on your behalf where legislative and regulatory solutions are required. Feller has developed significant contacts and experience working with state and local elected officials and regulatory agencies across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our relationships span the Northeast, offering a full suite of services to impact the governmental process, including:

Feller Law Group's Competitive Advantages:

1) Boutique Law Firm: We are a boutique law firm deeply focused on meeting the legal needs of businesses in highly regulated industries. Our practice areas--regulatory and administrative law, corporate law and business transactions and government relations--are built around meeting the legal needs of businesses in highly regulated industries.

2) We are Attorneys, Not Consultants:  The benefits of working with a fiduciary cannot be matched by consulting firms. Hiring Feller gives you and your business the protection that comes with the attorney-client relationship, including confidential communications and advice. We are licensed to practice in numerous jurisdictions and can meet your multi-jurisdictional compliance needs as you continuously expand your business into new markets.

3) Specialized Service Offerings: Our experienced team guides clients through regulated commodity markets and a wide range of compliance issues Through years of successful legal practice, we possess a comprehensive understanding of state regulations as they affect the industry's major issues.

4) Client-focused and Personal: We understand our clients' need for discretion and efficiency. Feller Law Group stays up-to- date on the major regulatory trends and developments so your business is not left scrambling to keep up with the constantly evolving rules and regulations related to the cannabis market. We anticipate our clients’ needs and respond to them before problems arise, rather than solving them after the fact. To that end, we maintain positive relationships with regulators and vendors so that when problems arise, they are solved quickly, quietly and to your satisfaction.

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